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Ahtopol, Albena, Arbanasi, Balchik, Bankya, Bansko, Belitsa, Blagoevgrad, Borovets, Burgas, Byala, Chepelare, Devin, Dupnitsa, Elena, Gabrovo, Golden Sands, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Gotse Delchev, Kazanlak, Kiten, Kyustendil, Madara, Melnik, Nesebur, Obzor, Pamporovo, Pleven, Plovdiv, Pliska, Razlog, Ruse, Samokov, Sandanski, Sarafovo, Sevlievo, Shiroka Luka, Shumen, Simitli, Sinemorets, Sliven, Smolyan, Sofia, Sozopol, Stara Zagora, Sunny Beach, Troyan, Tsarevo, Varna, Veliko Turnovo, Velingrad, Vladaya, Vlas


Bulgarian Ski Resorts Snow Levels And Skiing Conditions Reports. Bulgaria Ski Holidays Winter Season 2015 - 2016.

(Last Updated 8th of April 2015)

Visitors of the The Bulgarian ski resorts continue to enjoy some fantastic skiing and boarding on a good snow base for the Spring season, following the precipitations from yesterday, which reached 15-20 cm at the different areas.
Pamporovo (120 - 180 cm; 9 lifts running) and Bansko (85 cm; 13 lifts in operation) are offering some great snow sports after some great amounts of snow fell during the last few days at both resorts. Borovets (255 - 320 cm; 11 lifts open), Chepelare (160 cm) and Vitosha Mountain (164 cm), above the Bulgarian capital city - Sofia are also offering very good skiing and snowboarding and the weather is still snowy there today. One should have in mind that it is quite cold again after a short period of more spring-like temperatures, especially on Vitosha! The recent snow dump is likely to extend the ski season in Bulgaria, but due to the fact that the snow that fell was very wet, the avalanche danger is now at level 4! There have been few incidents already this year, so be very careful and stay only at the marked pistes!!!
A few sunny days are forecast in Bulgaria around Easter, which is celebrated a week later than the catholical one, so great conditions for snow sports should be available for the mid April. But before that some more snow is forecast tomorrow and on Friday.
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Pictures from Bulgaria - Pic of the Day (9 April 2015)

Gorna Banya Spring 2015
Spring at the Park above Gorna Banya Spa Resort, Sofia, April 2015

Bulgaria Upcoming Festivals, Events and Tourist Attractions


Sofia Spring Book Bazaar 2015

(May, 2015, National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria)

Along with the International Book Fair, held in December, the Spring Book Fair is one of the most popular literary events in Bulgaria and it is now carried out annually. The bazaar takes place in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, where a number of publishing houses gather to present their newest books and authors. The event is organized by the Bulgarian Book Association. More information about the fair can be obtained from their official website - http://www.abk.bg/eng/
Check out our hotels in Sofia if you are looking for cheap accommodation in the center of Sofia during the event at http://www.bulgaria-trips.info/Sofia/sofia.html

Festival of Roses - Rose Valley, Bulgaria 2015

(May - June 2015, Rose Valley, Bulgaria)

In Bulgaria the rose symbolizes the youth, beauty and wellness. There are thousands of different rose-kinds world-wide, but only 3-4 from them produce rose-oil. Of these, the Kazanluk rose, which has been grown in the Valley of the Roses for over three hundred years is the best. This traditional festival celebrates the rose harvest in Kazanluk, which yields 70% of the world’s rose oil - an essential ingredient in perfume production.
In the end of May and beginning of June each year the rose-harvest starts in the Rose Valley (located between the Balkan Range and the Sredna Gora Mounts), which is and the time of the Festival of Roses, usually on the 1st weekend in June. The celebrations begin on Friday night with a parade and dances from various groups across Bulgaria. The festivity continues on Sat., with a competition for the best local dance group and a choral concert, held in Shipka Cathedral in the evening. Usually these events are combined with a new art exhibition at the Archaeological Museum and Art Gallery.
On Sunday the Festival of Roses takes place in the rose fields, with singing, dancing and ritual rose picking done by both children and adults dressed in traditional Bulgarian costumes, after when the celebration heads to the Rose Museum for the ritual crowning of the Rose Queen.
Young women serve bread and rose liquor to the Rose Queen, Rose King and VIPs. Outside across the streets the Kukeries (Koukeri) begin, which is another traditional Bulgarian Festival - masked men with huge bells hanging from their costumes make plenty of noise to scare and banish the bad spirits, as well as to mark the end of the Festival. Additional information and accommodation can be found on Kazanluk hotels page at http://www.bulgaria-trips.info/Kazanluk/Kazanlak.html

International Folklore Festival 2015

(18 - 26 July 2015, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria)

Every year the charming historical town of Veliko Tarnovo, which is and the former capital of Bulgaria hosts various concerts, ethnic dances, shows and conferences, providing one with the opportunity to touch the cultural traditions of the region. The International Folklore Festival also features the renowned “sound and light” performance, held on the Tsarevets hills and attracts a number of international visitors. Browse our hotels in Veliko Tarnovo for quality accommodation during the folklore festival. Visit http://www.bulgaria-trips.info/Veliko_Turnovo/Veliko_Turnovo.html

Bulgaria Hotels

Bulgaria, also known as Republic of Bulgaria, is located in between Romania and Greece. It has the 16th largest territory in Europe and is well known for the mountainous landscape. Even though most of the areas are mountains, there are many hotel accommodations for tourists. There are several types of hotels in Bulgaria including spa hotels, inns and ski resorts.
Bulgaria hotels range from 1 star to 5 star. Most of the hotels in Bulgaria have 3 stars. Every hotel room is equipped with the general amenities including television, AM/FM radio, telephone, iron and ironing board, and etc. Some hotels offer free Wireless internet in the room while others charge a fee. The hotel can also have recreational facilities such as ping pong, biking, swimming pool and playground. The hotel apartment is a serviced apartment. Instead of renting a room, travelers rent the whole apartment.
Bulgaria spa hotels offer all the basic room facilities just like the standard hotels. However, the spa hotels have a spa treatment facility that keeps you rejuvenated from the daily stress. Examples of spa treatment offered at the spa facilities include thalasso therapy, massages, mineral baths, sauna, paraffin therapy and etc.
Bulgaria inns are smaller than the high rise building hotel. It contains lesser facilities than the hotel. It is usually cheaper because of the lack of facility. If you are a budget traveler, you can stay at the inns.
Bulgaria ski resorts are hotels that are located nearby to skiing locations. The ski resort is situated in the mountain regions.  Ski resorts have a rental center where you can rent ski equipments such as skiing suits, and snowboards.

Browse our (~ 5000) hotels in Bulgaria by city/resort name:

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E Elena | Elenite | Elentsite | Elkovets | Emen | Etropole
G Gabrovo | Galabovo | Garmen | Gaytaninovo | Gela | Genchovtsi | General-Kantardzhievo | Georgi-Damyanovo | German | Glavatartsi | Godlevo | Golden Sands | Golemanite | Golets | Golyama Brestnitsa | Golyama Zhelyazna | Gorna Malina | Gorna Oryakhovitsa | Gorni Okol | Gorno Draglishte | Gorno Trape | Gorochevtsi | Gostilitsa | Gostun | Gotse Delchev | Govedartsi | Granitovo | Gyulovtsa
H Hadirdža | Haskovo | Hisarya | Hlevene
I Ikhtiman | Ilinden | Iskrets | Ivanovo | Ivaylovgrad | Izgrev
K Kalofer | Kamchia | Kamen Bryag | Kamena | Kamenec | Karabunar | Karlovo | Karnobat | Kaspichan | Katunishte | Kavarna | Kazanlŭk | Kereka | Kharmanli | Kirkovo | Kiten | Klisura | Kmetcheta | Kmetovtsi | Knyazhevo | Koprinka | Koprivshtitsa | Kosharitsa | Koshov | Kosovo | Kostenets | Kostenkovtsi | Kostinbrod | Kotel | Kovačevica | Kovachevtsi | Kozhari | Kozi Rog | Kraevo | Kranevo | Krapets | Kraymorie | Kresna | Krumovgrad | Krushuna | Krŭstatitsa | Kuklen | Kŭrdzhali | Kŭrnare | Kutela | Kyulevcha | Kyustendil
L Ledenik | Leshten | Lesnovo | Letnitsa | Lovech | Lovnidol | Lozenets | Lŭki | Lukovit | Lyaskovets | Lyaskovo | Lyava Reka | Lyubimets | Lyubino | Lyublen
M Madara | Madzhare | Madzharovo | Mala Tsŭrkva | Malko Tŭrnovo | Marchevo | Markovo | Mechka | Medovo | Medven | Melnik | Merdanya | Mezdra | Miykovtsi | Momchilgrad | Momchilovtsi | Momino | Montana | Moskovets | Mramor
N Natsovtsi | Nesebar | Nevsha | Nova Zagora | Novi Iskŭr
O Obedinenie | Obrochishte | Obzor | Ognyanovo | Omurtag | Orehovo | Oreshak | Orizari | Osenovlag | Osenovo | Osmar | Ostritsa | Ostrovche
P Palamarza | Palitsi | Pamporovo | Panagyurishte | Panichishte | Pasarel | Pastra | Pavel Banya | Pazardzhik | Pepelina | Pernik | Peshtera | Petrevene | Petrich | Pirdop | Plachkovtsi | Pleven | Plovdiv | Pobit Kamŭk | Polkovnik Serafimovo | Pomorie | Pomoshtitsa | Pravets | Preselka | Preseltsi | Presoka | Primorsko | Progled | Pŭrvomay
R Radevtsi | Radnevo | Radoevtsi | Raduil | Ravda | Ravna Gora | Ravno Pole | Ravnogor | Razgrad | Razlog | Rezovo | Ribarica | Rila | Rilski Manastir | Rogachevo | Rogozen | Rosen | Rozhen | Rudozem | Ruse
S Saints Constantine and Helena | Samokov | Samovodene | Sandanski | Sapareva Banya | Sarafovo | Sarnitsa | Seltse | Sennik | Sevlievo | Shabla | Shipka | Shipkovo | Shiroka Lŭka | Shiroki Dol | Shkorpilovtsi | Shumen | Silistra | Simitli | Sinemorets | Skandaloto | Skobelevo | Sliven | Slivenski Mineralni Bani | Smilyan | Smochevo | Smolyan | Sofia | Sokolovtsi | Solishta | Solnik | Sopot | Sozopol | Sredets | Stakevtsi | Stara Zagora | Starosel | Starozagorski Bani | Stefanovo | Stefanovo | Stoykite | Straldzha | Strashimirovo | Strelcha | Stremtsi | Strumyani | Sŭbotkovtsi | Sŭdievo | Sunny Beach | Sushina | Sveti Vlas | Svilengrad | Svishtov
T Tabashka | Targovishte | Teteven | Tipchenitsa | Topola | Trigrad | Troyan | Trŭn | Tryavna | Tsareva Livada | Tsareva Polyana | Tsarevo | Tsigov Chark | Tsŭrkva | Turiya village | Tŭrnava | Tvŭrditsa | Tyulenovo
U Uzana
V Vakarel | Valevtsi | Varna City | Varvara | Varvara | Velchevo | Velika | Veliki Preslav | Veliko Tŭrnovo | Velingrad | Vetren | Vetren | Vidin | Vishnevo | Vladaya | Voneshta Voda | Voyvodinovo | Vrabtsite | Vranilovtsi | Vrata | Vratsa | Vŭglevtsi | Vŭrshets | Vŭrshilo
Y Yabulkovets | Yagnevo | Yagoda | Yagodina | Yakoruda | Yambol | Yamna | Yarlovo | Yavorovo | Yunets
Z Zabŭrdo | Zdravets | Zelenigrad | Zheravna | Zlatograd | Zvezdets

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