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Bourgas is located in the most western part of the Bourgas Bay, 390km away from the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia. It has a population of around 200 000 people – that makes it the second largest town on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and the fourth largest one in the whole Bulgaria, after Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna. The coast line in the area has little elevation which has created three lagoon lakes around the city – Atanassovo, Bourgas and Mandren.


The territory of modern Burgas lies on some former ancient towns – the Roman town Deultum (Develt), founded by Emperor Vespasian, Kastiacion, Skafida and Rossokastron. After a long period of time, in the 17th century, in the area was founded a town, called Achelo-Bourgas which is now known as Burgas. During the period of the Liberation, the place had only 3 000 inhabitants but grew into a commercial and industry centre on the Black Sea. Also helpful for the flourishing of the town were the oil and chemical productions, salt and iron mining and the building of the Bourgas railway station in 1903.

Like many other tourist destinations across Europe, Bulgaria also offers great opportunities for Black Sea and Donau River cruises.

Bourgas Burgas bay

Burgas Spa

The mineral waters in Bourgas are pretty popular and the Burgaski Mineralni Bani spa is of national importance since 1970.
The resort is located 20 km on the north of Bourgas. It is one of the oldest spa resorts, mentioned in the ancient chronicles. The first information dates back from the time of Philip of Macedonia (IV century B.C.) when the settlement is named Akve Kalide and later – Termopolis.


Resort curative-prophylactic factors
Mineral water – slightly mineralized, hyper-thermal, with high alkaline reaction and large flow rate. It has fluorine, silicon, sodium chloride and radon.
The curative mud from Atanasovsko deposit is with fine structure, specific odor, because of the high concentration of hydrogen sulfide, black colour and great plasticity.
The sea lye, obtained from the salt production is with highly esteemed curative qualities.

Application & Facilities
The natural factors in the resort are appropriate for spa medical treatment and spa prophylaxis by external application in wide circle of diseases of the bones and joints, the nervous and reproductive systems and sterility. They are determining the resort profile of the settlement. In addition, the mineral water is suitable for drinking spa treatment in metabolic-endocrine, kidney-urological and gastrointestinal diseases, as well as in various kinds of industrial intoxication. It can serve also for prophylaxis of the tooth caries, osteoporosis and premature aging. Its high capacity is perfect for development of wide sports and common prophylactic activities.
There are many functioning facilities in the resort: public spa health centre with two wards, specialized hospital for rehabilitation in accordance with the resort profile with its own spa-physical-curative facilities and modern spa prophylactic premises of the petrochemical plant beside the town of Bourgas. Other departmental prophylactic bases also exist and in the end there are many available private lodgings. In the summer there is an outdoor mineral swimming pool with special beach.
The qualities and diversity of the natural factors, proximity of the resort to the Black Sea and its biggest port Bourgas outline very good prospects for development of the town as national and international resort.


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