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SOF Sofia | BOJ Burgas | VAR Varna | PVD Plovdiv

Bulgaria Transportation Information

Bulgaria has four larger airports, which all provide with good hotels accommodations for travelers who arrive late or have to catch an early flight.
The Bulgarian State Railways are called BDZ. The trains are still the cheapest way to explore Bulgaria or reach to/from the neighboring countries. However, some of the Bulgarian trains and railway stations are really not comfortable at all, so travelling by train in Bulgaria could be not such a pleasant experience, but still they are the cheapest option for one’s budget. For longer distances one can get an overnight rail sleeper (sleeping car).
Buses are usually the better and faster option and they are also not expensive. There are lots of busses between the bigger cities and more popular Bulgarian resorts, providing with pretty comfortable trips.
Rent a car to explore smaller destinations is a 50/50 option. Renting a car won’t be too expensive and one will travel with the speed he prefers, but the Bulgarian road infrastructure is not good at all, compared to the rest of Europe. Always look for holes on the roads...even when driving on the major roads! That being said it is still a better option to rent a car from Bulgaria, instead coming with your one and risking ruining it in some huge pit! You can rent a car in Bulgaria via the search form above.

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