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Albena is a summer resort, 30km away from Varna, situated on the coast of the Bulgarian Black Sea. The place has moderate continental climate, long sandy beaches and safe, clean waters and is the perfect place for a perfect holiday from May till October.
The resort has to offer 40 hotels, 3 holiday villages 64 bungalows and many places near the sea or the park, suitable for camping.
For the leisure time, Albena has many first-class restaurants with traditional or world cuisine, small cafes and bars right on the beach, discos, traditional taverns and casinos.
The resort is also ideal for the sport-lovers. There are opportunities for water skiing, para-sailing, yachting, surfing, jets, underwater fishing, tennis, mini golf, bowling, riding, beach volleyball, hang-gliding, diving school and many more. It also has safe places for the children – amusement parks with fun fair, kids' discos, mini trains, inflatable trampoline, water karting and more.

For the improvement of your health you will be in the hand of many professionals in the spa center in the Dobrudja Hotel. The place is open throughout the whole year and offers more than 120 different procedures with the help of natural products, high-tech apparatuses and many other luxurious facilities.
If you want to spend your time admiring some cultural events, then this again is the place for you. In the place are conducted many events - International Children's Fest, Golden Antenna Festival of Musical and Entertainment TV Programs, Pop-rock festival, Coast of Hope Festival, Theatre Albena, concerts, symphony and wind orchestras, Art Galery Stil, contests for children's drawing on asphalt and more.
In Albena there are available guided excursions in the resort and its surroundings, trips to Istanbul and Cairo, two kinds of safari and yacht trips.

For the businessman the resort (and Dobrudja Hotel in particular) has a well-equipped congress centre, suitable for symposia, seminars, conventions and other meetings.

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Albena Spa

Situated on forty-five kilometers north of Varna Airport, along the coastal strip of a picturesque Black Sea bay, Albena is set off by the luscious verdure of the Baltata nature reserve. The resort is popular with its original architecture and perfect natural factors which provide great possibilities for holidays and treatment all year round:
* specific microclimate with a curative, invigorating and hardening effect;
* clean air with a high iodine, bromine and fluorine content;
* favorable combination of high atmospheric pressure, humidity and temperature;
* plenty of sunshine from May through October;
* ultraviolet radiation with beneficial biological impact;
* four kilometers long beach strip covered with fine golden sand.


An ecologically clean region with a safe shore and aquatoria, Albena has been awarded the Blue Flag ecological prize and is a member of the Green Globe Program. It is one of the most attractive and contemporary maritime-spa-healing resorts in Bulgaria, the biggest and the most renowned in the region of Dobrich – tempting with its comfortable hotels with original architecture.  Mineral water is slightly mineralized, hypo-thermal, alkaline, with considerable flow capacity. Described is as hydro-carbonate-sodium, calcium, and magnesium, containing hydrogen sulfide and meta-silicone acid. The realization of extensive spa prophylactic and spa medication activities in the complex is possible thanks to the ample mineral water. It, in combination with the rest of the natural factors in the resort, is applied to the following diseases: drinking  treatment – in cases of kidney-urological, gastrointestinal, metabolic-endocrine and some professional diseases. External application has salutary effect in cases of functional nervous and cardiovascular diseases: combined with the climatic factor it is good for medication of respiratory problems. In combination with sand medical treatment, helio-therapy, physiotherapy and kinezi-therapy, mineral water is suitable for external application in locomotory, nervous and reproductive system disease. By the reason of its hypo-thermal quality and high flow capacity, it is appropriate for sports prophylaxis and recreation of  healthy people or individuals in recovering stage. 

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