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Byala (Biala) tourist info and hotels


Set on the picturesque Black Sea coast, the resort-town of Byala is a small traditional Bulgarian settlement with a population of around 2300 residents. Byala is situated between the major Bulgarian cities on the Black Sea - Varna and Burgas, which both have international airports making it a preferable and easy to reach summer destination.
Well known for its crystal blue sea, magnificent sandy beaches and flourish wine industry, Byala is becoming more and more popular summer resort.
Located only on fifty km south from the Bulgarian Sea capital of Varna and lying eighty km north of the industrial city of Burgas, the panoramic views Byala offers turns it into the perfect spot for a flexible beachside vacations.
Over the last years Byala developed fast and it is a desired holiday spot for many tourists thanks to its good location, six kilometers long beach with fine golden sand. There are also many virgin beaches in the vicinity, unknown for most of the vacationers.
Many visitors who have come to Byala compare it to the French Riviera, maybe due to its hilly area that provides with some wonderful views to the sea and unforgettable sunsets and sunrises. The last hills of Balkan Mountain rise only 6 km south of Byala.
Firstly established in the third century, the town of Byala has rich and interesting history. Ruins of an ancient fortress can still be found here and the historical white cliffs (where the name of the town, which means white come from), that encircle the sandy beach, appears to contain ancient dinosaur remains.

The holidaymakers can choose from a great variety of hotel accommodation, many restaurants, where besides the traditional Bulgarian and international cuisine, one can sample some really fresh fish, literally catch few hours before being cocked along with the locally made white wine Dimyat. The transportation in the area is served by many regular buses to Varna as well as private taxis.

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