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Elena is a small town (population of around 7 000) in the Middle Balkan Range (Sredna Stara Planina), situated 280 meters elevation on forty-two kilometers south-east of Veliko Turnovo; a mountain resort at an altitude of. The town is a terminal station on the railway line “Gorna Oryahovitsa – Elena”.

Elena is an old settlement initially established in the fifteenth century. In the 18th-19th centuries it has developed as educational, trade and crafts center. There are some well preserved architectural ensembles, which date back to the Bulgarian National Revival, including more then one hundred old houses. Their “wall to wall” construction and the stone basements with white-washed or wooden walls of the upper floor with beautiful protruding bays above are typical for these old times and an interesting sight to observe.
There is preserved the first class school, established in 1848 and named Daskalolivnitsa which is now turned into a museum. Elena also has some beautiful ancient churches, like the St Nicholas Church, dating back to the sixteenth century, and the majestic town clock tower with its antique clock mechanism.

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