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Golden Sands tourist info and hotels

Golden Sands

Golden Sands is one of the most famous summer resorts in Bulgaria. It combines warm waters, forests, golden sands and mineral waters and it is the ideal place for vacation or treatment. The place is situated only 17km away from Varna, on the southern beaches of the Black Sea. Golden Sands has received many times the international ecology award Blue Flag and is an active resort from May till October. The climate there is typical for the sea with some continental influences. During the summer the temperature is around 27°C (that of the water is 24°C) and the winters are mild, with average temperature of about 1,4°C. The beach of the resort is 3,5km long and 100m wide.


Golden Sands Spa

The mineral springs in the Golden Sands were known even to the ancient Thracians. They are with low levels of minerals – hydrocarbonic-sodium-calcium-magnesium and hydrocarbonic-sodium in composition. Other healthy aspects of the spa resort include sunbathing, sand cures, the salts and microelements of the sea water, the curative mud with high levels of sulphates, carbonates and biologically active substances. What is more the resort offers spa treatment throughout the whole year with many different services – mud treatment, hydrotherapy, anti-stress, phytotherapy, apitherapy and aromatherapy.
The best place for balneological treatment is the Ambassador Climato-Balneological Centre. The facility is specialized in treating disturbances of the locomotory system, of the peripheral nervous system, of the nervous system, gynecological inflammatory diseases and non-specific chronic conditions of the respiratory system.

Golden Sands Bulgaria

In Golden Sands you will find 61 two, three or four star hotels, two holiday villages with comfortable bungalows and many attractive restaurants, offering all kinds of cuisines, including traditional Bulgarian food and famous wines. In the resort there is also unforgettable nightlife – many clubs, discos, casinos and folklore programs and shows. If you are a sports person you can find there many suitable facilities – yachting club, water skis, surfboards, motor boats, paddle boats, rowboats, jets, para-gliding, water slides, tennis courts, riding ground, mini-golf, bicycles, rickshaws on wheels, bowling, fitness centers and more.
There are many sights to visit around – monasteries, the Danube, Kotel-Zeravna, Nessebur, Varna as well as the dolphinarium, Rila Monastery, safaris plus travels abroad to Cairo or Istanbul.
There are also a lot of cultural events – Fair of Authentic and Folk Art, Varna Summer International Folklore Festival, Contest for the Strongest Bulgarian, Jazz and Rock Festival, Mummers Black Sea Festival and others.




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