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Kyustendil tourist info and hotels

Kyustendil Bulgaria

Kyustendil lies in the most Western part of Bulgaria, in the beautiful valley of Kyustendil, set on the banks of Banska River. It is situated on the Northern slopes of the Osogovo Mountain, at 525 m. altitude and has population of around 56000. Kyustendil lies ninety kilometers southwest of the capital Sofia, seventy km northwest of Blagoevgrad, and only twenty-two km northeast of the border with Macedonia. Kyustendil and its region are popular as the orchard of Bulgaria, where many fruits are grown. The town is also a well known spa resort of national importance and a regional center.
Kyustendil is well connected with the rest of the country by both bus and railway lines. There are regular buses to the capital Sofia, as well as to all neighboring towns such as Blagoevgrad, Dupnitsa, Pernik, etc.
Kyustendil is one of the most ancient towns in the country - the mineral waters in the area attracted Thracian tribes, as early as in 5th - 4th century B.C., when they have established a settlement in the region. Around the first century the Romans turned it into a fortress (known as Pautalia), a trade center, and a popular spa resort. The town was included to the Bulgarian State during the time of king Kaloian (1197 - 1207) and later in sixteenth century it was renamed to Kyustendil.


Some remarkable sights of Kyustendil today are the ancient churches of “St. George” (12th - 13th century), “St. Bogoroditza” (1816) and “St. Dimitar”. Also the Tower of Pirgov (16th - 17th century), the wall of Devehani (1606), the Fetih sultan Mehmed mosque (1531), Lekarska house, the old school (1849), etc.
Kadin Bridge is another medieval attraction - a one hundred meters long bridge over the Struma River, built in 1470. Today Kadin Bridge, situated 13 km southeast of the town is a cultural monument of national significance and a popular place of interest for the visitors of Kyistendil.

Osogovo Mountain

Late Ancient and Medieval Fortress Hissarluka
Hissarluka fortress was built at the end of fourth and the beginning of fiftieth century and was later readjusted during the sixth century. Hissarluka Fortress has an irregular polygon shape; it is 117 meters by 175 meters in size and is protected by fourteen towers.
The Acropolis of the ancient Pautalia and medieval Velbuzhd is one of the most interesting fortresses across Bulgaria.
The town of Kyustendil is the starting point to the magnificent Ossogovo Mountain with many places of interests. Ten kilometers north of Kyustendil is the village of Shishkovtzi, where one can enjoy a great collection of pictures of Vladimir Dimitrov Maistora. Thirty-nine kilometers north is found the historic Zemen Monastery, which frescoes are exclusively interesting monument from the fourteenth century. Another nearby attraction is the picturesque Zemenski gorge.

Kyustendil Spa & Mineral Waters

The mineral waters in Kyustendil area have an almost identical chemical composition, sulphide content and temperature  between 71 and 73 degree C. and. The favourable thermal waters of Kyustendil have been known and used since ancient times. The pleasant climate, the curative peat and the mineral waters, as well as the possibilities of specific fruit-diet therapy attract many local and foreign tourists to the town of Kyustendil.

Kyustendil Spa


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