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Obzor is a resort, located between Varna and Bourgas, surrounded by forest terrain, near the road E-87. The town is located south of the mouth of the Dvoinitsa River, near the Eastern Balkan Range, 40km away from Nessebur. It has a population of around 2 000 people and is at 65m elevation. Although the place is near some other big resorts (Golden Sands and Sunny Beach) and it has a beautiful 6km-long sandy beach, it is a calm and quiet place without crowds even in the peak of the summer season.


The ancient Greeks called the town Heliopolis – town of the sun. Also it the town there is a park with remains of columns and statues from a Roman temple of Jupiter. The Romans had also a fortress nearby, which used to protect their routes between Constantinople and the Danube. There another fortress near the town – this time it called Kozyak and is from the medieval times in Bulgaria.


There are some places that you can visit around Obzor. Only 6km away from it is located the Byala village which was founded in the 3rd century B.C. Nowadays it combines a traditional village and a resort and thrives due to its wine industry. Near Byala there are some vertical rocks overlooking the water’s edge. They have stairs carved in them that lead to the beach and to the rocky Cape Atanas on the north. To the south the beach of Obzor is separated from the one of Byala by another small cape. From Obzor you can also reach Cape Emine (14km away) which has a view of the Nessebur Bay, a lighthouse and remnants of a medieval fortress and monastery. In the nearby Emona village (named after the ancient name of the Balkan Mountains – Aemon) were discovered remains of a Thracian sanctuary and a Roman temple of Jupiter.

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