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Plovdiv Bulgaria

Plovdiv is another famous city in Bulgaria - it is the second largest one after Sofia. The town is located 130km away from the capital and combines all the symbols, characteristic for the Bulgarian spirit. In here you can find many reminders and relics from the Thracian, Greek and Romanian civilizations. It is interesting to point out that Plovdiv is actually the oldest continually inhabited town all across Europe, with a history of more thatn 8 000 years!
During the days of the Roman reign, Plovdiv was known as "the most beautiful town in the Thracian region". The marble antic amphitheater in the city is a remnant of these days. It was built on a hill in the second century and has 3 000 seats. The old theatre is still in operation – it is used as a performance stage during the art festivals and the "Verdi Evenings" and it is still the biggest and most fascinating place for spectacles and concerts.


From the Revival period in Bulgaria till the middle of the 20th century, Plovdiv used to be the centre of the cultural life of the Bulgarian elite and the town still bears traces of those days. The old town in Plovdiv still remains full of traditional Bulgarian atmosphere, sophisticatedly decorated churches, old relics and architecture of the old days.
As far as the modern Plovdiv is concerned, it often offers many international cultural forums and exhibitions. Plus, there is also a Christmas Musical Festival, the European Month of Culture (which is July) and a constant display of the masterpieces of many wide-known Bulgarians (Zlatjo Bojadzhiev, Tzanko Lavrentov, Hristo Stanchev and many more). Apart from the cultural events, in Plovdiv there is also an International Trade Fair every spring and autumn.

Bulgaria Plovdiv Old Town

Plovdiv Antic Amphitheatre



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