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Razlog is situated in the beautiful Razlog Valley, encircled by 3 majestic mountains - Pirin to the south, the Rhodopes Mountain to the east and Rila to the north. The town of Razlog is situated on 155 kilometers from the Bulgarian capital - Sofia.
Two Thracian tribes (“dii” and “satri”) were the first to inhabit the area of the town, which was included in the territory of the Bulgarian Kingdom during the rule of Khan Pressian in 847.

A great attraction, especially for foreign tourists are the houses in Razlog, in the so called Razlog-Chepino architectural style that was very popular during the Bulgarian Renaissance. Currently, there are forty-one such, well preserved houses in Razlog, and some of them are now turned into ethnographical and historical museums. In the region of Razlog, one can take many hiking tours to the nearby natural sights and archeological remains. Just to mention a couple, up in the Pirin Mountain, one can visit Krushe and Iztoka protected areas with mineral springs and medieval remains, as well as the Propadnaloto and Mechata Dupka (Bear’s Hole) caves. In Rila Mountain, places of interest are the Stolovatets area for its ruins of Thracian sanctuary and the Katarino area for its thermal waters.

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