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Ruse (Russe, Rousse) tourist info and hotels


The city of Ruse (Rousse, Russe) is situated on the south bank of the Danube river, around 320 kilometers north-east of the Bulgarian capital Sofia, 100 kilometers north-east of the ancient capital Veliko Turnovo and 200 kilometers north-west of Varna. Ruse is an old Bulgarian town with long cultural traditions, a town of art and education and with very intense industry and trade. Rousse is the most important Bulgarian city on on the Danube River, also known as The Little Vienna, because of its old architecture dating back from the end of the 19th and century. The town has nineteen museums, all worth visiting, many modern hotels and restaurants on the Danube shores, nice cafes and night clubs.
Russe is a city with rich history, once the first Bulgarian newspaper, printed in the country was published in the town on the Danube.
The convenient geographical and transport location of Ruse, the rich cultural and historical heritage and the great natural resources in the area all provide excellent potential for both mass and alternative forms of tourism, especially ecological, rural and cultural tourism.

Ruse Danube River

Some very interesting places to visit in the area include the archeological reserves of Ivanovo Rock Churches and Tcherven, the Bassarbovo Rock Monastery, the Lipnik park , the isle of Ljuljak, especially for the speleologists the Cave Orlova Tchuka. Another great attraction in the eastern part of the Danube plane is the beautiful and unique site - the Natural Park Rusenski Lom, which is only around twenty km south of Ruse. The Natural Park Rusenski Lom has very rich biological diversity and priceless cultural heritage. With its numerous marked routes for hiking, cross-country riding and biking, as well as eco trails, the natural park offers excellent opportunities for bird watching, hiking and biking tourism.

Presently, the Bassarbovo Monastery is the only active rock monastery in Bulgaria. It is located in the canyon-like valley of the Lom River, which is home of another 300 rock premises, 40 of which has been once used as churches. Most of these churches and monasteries were inhabited around the 12th century AD. Many parts of them were naturally formed, while the local inhabitants cut others out the rock. Nowadays the monastery is very well preserved and visited by a many pilgrims and travellers from around the world.
Ivanovo rock churches, which have been included in the UNESCO list of protected historical monuments are on fifteen kilometers away from Bassarbovo monastery.
Some of the most significant events and festivals carried out in Ruse, include the International festival for symphonic music March Days of Music, The International Theater Festival Danube - European River, Danube - Balkan’s river and The International Jazz Festival.
One can easily reach Ruse with regular buses and railways, as well as with river transport. The river station offer cruises along the international river route Ruse - Belgrade - Novi Sad - Budapest - Bratislava - Vienna - Linz - Passu.

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