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Sandanski town spa

Sandanski is a small town, situated at 224m above sea level at the foot of the Pirin Mountains, on the banks of the Sandanska Bistritsa River. The climate there is pretty different from the one of the places around. The winters in Sandanski are short and mild and during the summer the weather is hot for a long period of time. The town has a great advantage – its mineral waters. They are clear, without smell or taste, silicic, mildly fluorine, hyperthermal (42-81°C), with low levels of minerals, hydrocarbonic-sulphatesodium. The conditions in the spa resort in Sandanski are suitable for treating bronchial asthma in its three forms – atopic, infectious allergic and combined. After only one week of treatment, there can be observed improvement in the health and in about 55% of the cases, the asthma attacks completely vanish.


Other diseases that are successfully treated in the balneo-climatic resort in Sandanksi include – non-specific pulmonary diseases (chronic bronchitis, post-pneumonia or post-bronchopneumonia states, chronchiectasis, early pulmonary emphysema), conditions of the upper respiratory tract (chronic rhinitis, sinusitis), disturbances of the locomotory system of a degenerative or inflammatory origin (osteoarthrosis rheumatoid arthritis, tenosynovitis), neurological complaints (plexitis, radiculitis, slipped disc), allergic skin diseases (urticaria, psoriasis) and some kidney and urological diseases and conditions of the digestive system (gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers in remission, colitis, glomerulonephritis, cystopyelitis).
The Sandnski Spa Hotel has four stars and offers a modern climato-balneotherapy centre.


Sandanski Spa

The climate in Sandanski is unique, having valuable bio-climatic features. It is transitional continental with perceptible Mediterranean impact. For medical treatment of allergic pulmonary diseases it is especially favourable. As mentioned above, the mineral waters are the other major curative factor in the resort. There are more than 20 springs that are collected into two hydro-thermal zones with similar physical and chemical characteristics. The waters are especially efficient for treating of respiratory diseases when applied by inhalations and in combination with medicines and herbs. They could also be utilized for drinking medication in cases of kidney-urological, gastrointestinal and metabolic-endocrine diseases and some industrial illnesses. It is used for prophylaxis of osteoporosis and tooth caries, but application in sport prophylaxis is also possible.
In Sandanski functions a specialized hospital for rehabilitation of pulmonary diseases, in which can be healed some concomitant illnesses. For very long time there is a specialized and very well-equipped spa hotel with own diagnostic and spa physical facilities. In addition, the patients are healed in two spa hospitals and one resort policlinic. Summer beach with hydro-thermal pool and drinking fountains with mineral water also exist. In the resort are opened many holiday departmental bases and accommodation in private lodgings is also possible.

On the basis of its valuable natural resources with healing qualities, proved by practice and scientific researches, Sandanski has potential for further development as a specific resort for rehabilitation of respiratory diseases. Mineral water can be used for bottling as a curative-prophylactic remedy. Advisable is construction of modern sports and prophylactic water facilities. Water can be used as source of thermal energy.

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