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Sevlievo tourist info and hotels


The town of Sevlievo is situated at the road between Sofia (178 km) and Varna (283 km), with about 25000 people population and at 200 meters elevation it is located around the basin of the Rositsa River. The Municipality consists of one town (the municipal centre of Sevlievo) and more than fifty villages.
Sevlievo region has been endowed by nature with many picturesque places and sights. There are excellent sports and tourism facilities - modern stadium, four auxiliary playgrounds, sports hall, tennis courts, indoor swimming pool, fishing and hunting tourism in the area of Lugut Hunting Unit, as well as motor sports like Sevlievo’s Grand Prix. The recreation facilities at Alexander Stamboliyski dam near the Mladen village around twenty kilometers west from Sevlievo, and Bogatovski dam are the right places for water sports and fishing lovers South of Sevlievo is situated the "Uspenie na Presveta Bogoroditsa" Monastery of Batoshevo. The woodcarvings and the icons in it have been preserved since the period of Bulgarian national revival.

Rositza river sevlievo

The earliest marks of life in the region date back to the late Neolithic period (8 000 years B.C.) and there one can still find some Thracian tombs left in the area of Sevlievo.


Just on four kilometers northwest is located the medieval town- fortress called Hotalich - once an important defensive center, which still keeps a small church, Resident of a Boyar, and various rooms. The fortress stayed for centuries together with the contemporary town of Sevlievo, once popular as "Servi" and "Selvi".

hotalich ruins

Bus transport provides frequent and convenient connections with Sofia, Varna, Shumen, Gabrovo, Veliko Turnovo, Lovech, Apriltsi, Pavlikeni, Pleven, Troyan,  and other smaller towns and villages in the region of Sevlievo;. The bus station is located in the western part of the town on S. Buchvarov str. 


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