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Sinemorets tourist info and hotels


Sinemoretz is a village only 6 kilometers south of Ahtopol, on the shore of the Black Sea. There are two beaches around the village – one around the mouth of the Veleka River and the other among rocks on the south. The second one is more isolated because it is harder accessible. Thus it is mostly visited by young people and others who don’t want to sunbathe around many other people. In contrast, the first one can become rather crowded and preferred for its two pubs and easy accessibility.


As the village of Sinemorets is quite near the Turkish border, visiting it before 1989, when the communism fell, was prohibited. After 1989 many wealthy people liked the unspoilt nature of Sinemoretz and built luxurious villas there. In this way the place is now quite good modern resort which still preserves some old houses. The prices are moderate, but still higher than the ones in Ahtopol and Rezovo nearby.

Sinemoretz Veleka River

Sinemorets is a very beautiful place near the Strandzha Mountain and is also a part of a nature reserve. On the way to Rezovo you can visit the marvelous beach Silistar which recently became famous. The beach is clean and the waters are not deep and always calm, making it a perfect place for families. There are also life-guards and cozy pubs on the beach. And if you are into diving you can see some beautiful sea life in the waters near the rocks.

Sinemorets Black Sea



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