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Sliven municipality is one of the biggest in Bulgaria, covering a territory of 1366 square kilometers, consisting of forty-eight settlements and having around 148000 inhabitants, 110000 of whom live in the town of Sliven.
The town is located on the international Е-773 highway which goes from Sofia to Bourgas on the Black Sea coast. Alongside with the Е-773 highway, there is a railway to Burgas. Sliven is one of the oldest settlements in Bulgaria and even in Europe - on this land once lived ancient Thracians, Slavs, Romans and Greeks. The first Roman settlement here – Tuida, from third century BC, was once a renowned trade center.
Sliven is situated at the foot of the famous rock massif The Blue Stones (Sinite Kamani in Bulgarian), nearby the mineral springs. Sinite Kamuni park covers seven thousand hectares and it is the 3rd biggest in Bulgaria - after Pirin and Vitosha. It is very picturesque and the area is known with the preserved rare flora and fauna. The nearest and maybe the most popular part - Karandila can be easily accessed by lift. The beautiful clean nature, healthy mineral water springs and the many cultural and historical monuments are only part of the tourist attractions around Sliven.

Sinite Kamani Sliven Blue Rocks

Sliven has rich cultural traditions starting from the National Revival, with significant contribution in the cultural treasure of Bulgaria. Three state Cultural Institutes work in Sliven - a National Museum of the textile industry, a Drama Theatre and a Puppet Theatre. The Municipal cultural institutes include Folk Song and Dance Ensemble, The Historical Museum, The Symphony Orchestra, The Art Gallery, etc.


Sliven Spa and Mineral Waters - Slivenski Mineralni Bani & Korten Spa

The spa resort of national importance since 1967 and is located on twelve kilometers southwest from Sliven, in the valley of Tundja River. The features a spa policlinic set in a beautiful park. The mineral water here has valuable healing qualities, big debit and high temperature. The resort is profiled in spa medication. The water is applied for various diseases by drinking, external with inhalations and irrigation. The thermal waters’ capacity allows utilization for common and sport prophylaxis.
Another nearby spa resort is Bania Korten or Novozagorski Bani, which is also in the Tindzha River valley, on thirteen kilometers north from the town of Nova Zagora.

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