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Sozopol tourist info and hotels


Sozopol lies on the Gulf of Bourgas, in the southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea. The resort is one of the oldest settlements of the Ancient Greeks and its former name was “Apolonia Pontica” – after Apollo – guardian of the seamen. Nowadays, the place is full of houses from the previous century with beautiful gardens, reachable through narrow, romantic streets. Sozopol is a quiet place with two amazing sand beaches and fisherman nearby. One of the beaches is located in a sheltered bay, while the other one is on the south, beyond the headland.

Bulgaria Sozopol

There are many places to stay in Sozopol – bungalows in the new town, private rooms in the old town, a former naval station or in the many small guesthouses and inns.
In a close proximity is the port of Burgas which is attractive for its international airport, a commercial centre and many welcoming cafes and taverns. Bourgas resembles a cosmopolitan city with its many tourists, docking ships and festivals (there is a folk festival in August).


Sozopol Museum Town
The first settlers of Sozopol – Greeks from Miletus – built a fantastic bronze statue of the God of health, sun and beauty Apollo in the town around the 7th century B.C. There are many ancient artifacts that still remind us of these people. Many figural vases, coloured glass vessels, jewelry and more are displayed in Sozopol’s Museum of Ancient Art. Also the old town itself is a remnant of the Revival period in Bulgaria, with its typical architecture of wooden houses.

Sozopol Museum Town


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