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Stara Zagora tourist info and hotels

Stara Zagora

Stara Zagora is a big town in the central part of Southern Bulgaria, administrative center of its municipality and the Stara Zagora Province, and is important economic center in the region. The ancient city is situated on 231 kilometers away from Sofia, near the Bedechka River in the historic region of Thrace. Stara Zagora pertain the transitional continental climate with significant Mediterranean influence, with average annual temperature of around 13 °C. Stara Zagora is also one of the oldest settlements in Europe, with history stretching back for around 8000 years. Neolithic farmers were the initial inhabitants of these lands, then later in the 5th century BC the Thracians founded the 1st significant town, which they named Beroe. During Ottoman rule, the town was one of the centers of the Bulgarian renaissance, and its school attracted many national heroes, including as Levski, Botev and Raina Knyaginya.


In the heart of town is the beautiful Pazarska or City Garden, near the crossroad of the main bul. Tsar Simeon Veliki and bul. Ruski. Diagonally across the Pazarska are both - the old and the new Opera Houses, which are home to the oldest and prestigious provincial opera company in Bulgaria - this was the place where the renowned singer Boris Christoff first made his name. Across the way to the west, a significant and restored section of a Roman theatre is found behind the city council edifice. Back on bul. Tsar Simeon Veliki, opposite an old mosque (Eski Dzhamiya erected in 1409) is the Art Gallery exhibiting work by local artists. On your way to the gallery, its worth having a quick look to the Geo Milev House-Museum - the home of the poet.

Ayazmoto Park Stara Zagora

Stara Zagora Spa / Mineral waters

There eight hydro-thermal fields in the region of Stara Zagora, 5 of which slightly mineralized and the other 3 with higher level of mineralization. Currently the functioning ones are Pavel Banya and Starozagorski Mineralni Bani. However, the mineral waters in the villages of Ovoshnik and Yagoda are especially prospective for bottling and development of spa facilities. Stara Zagora's spa resort is situated on 13 kilometers northwest of the town, in the forested area of Surnena gora and is spa resort of national importance since 1967. The water is slightly mineralized, hyper-thermal, with neutral reaction and with high debit. The facilities are set among beautiful green park and include 2 spa hospitals with pools and open-air summer beach also with hydro-thermal pool. There are also various bases and private hotels

monument Defenders Stara Zagora

Other attractions within or near Stara Zagora include: The Roman Baths, The Antique Forum, The South Gate of Augusta Trajana, Defenders of Stara Zagora Memorial Complex, Thracian Tomb, The Samarsko Zname Monument, Ayazmoto Park, etc.


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