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Sunny Beach tourist info and hotels

Sunny Beach

The resort, called “Sunny Beach” is located only 35km north of Bourgas and it offers tourists many holiday possibilities. The waters of the resort are warm and the sea is progressively deep. Sunny Beach has also been awarded the Blue Flag ecological prize and it offers around 1 700 hours of sunshine and fresh breeze from May till October.
For accommodation the resort has 102 available two and three star hotels, plus two campsites. It also has over 130 restaurants, taverns, bars, clubs, casinos and cafes, satisfying every taste.
For the active ones, Sunny Beach offers many sport facilities – surfing, water skis and parachutes, hang-gliding and banana, sailing, yachts, paddle boats, cutters, scooters, rowboats, tennis courts, beach volleyball, playing grounds, mini-golf, skittle alley, bowling, riding ground, fitness halls, sports tournaments for amateurs and professionals… The resort is also a great fun if you are a child – it has plenty of fun and games, children's pool, slides, karting, Rolba water slide, inflatable trampoline, sport schools. In addition: special discounts, children's menus and a 24-hour kindergarten.


For the culture lovers there are many available programmes – Golden Orpheus International Festival of Bulgarian Pop Songs, folklore and symphony concerts, exhibitions, Miss Sunny Beach contest, etc. What is more, there can be arranged short excursions around and abroad.

Bulgaria Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach Spa

Sunny Beach features some hydro-thermal drillings with approximately similar physical and chemical characteristics and almost equal level of mineralization as the seawater, but with different temperature - higher. One of the promising mineral waters can be described as highly mineralized, hydro-thermal, with slightly alkaline reaction, chloride-sodium-calcium-magnesium containing, with content of radon, hydrogen sulfide, bromine and meta-silicic acid.
Application and Facilities


Due to its hydro-thermal features, Sunny Beach’s mineral water could be utilized externally in its natural state, only for spa treatment of neuroses, neurasthenia, as well as for medication of some cardiovascular diseases. Locally it is good for some dermal diseases. Utilized by inhalation procedures, the water in Sunny Beach has very salutary effect in cases of respiratory system diseases. It is also suitable for irrigation procedures in some dental diseases.
Besides the solar-aerial and sea baths, visitors of Sunny Beach are able to take advantage of water healing and physical procedures in Globus and Bourgas hotels, which have their own prophylactic-medical and curative facilities. Not long ago in the resort complex was opened attractive and modern water base with various entertaining facilities. Also most of the hotels have their own swimming pools.


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