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Tsarevo (Tzarevo, Carevo) tourist info and hotels


The Black Sea coast town of Tsarevo lies 72 km south of Bourgas, has a population of around six thousand and is situated at the border between the Strandzha Mountain and the Black Sea. The resort provides with good choice of hotel accommodation as well as many private lodgings. If you are or consider becoming a regular visitor, Tsarezvo can offer you cheap real estates on the Bulgarian Black sea coast, so you don’t have to worry about hotel reservations every time. Arapya camping and Nestinarka camping are also very popular destinations, which offer great opportunities for camping on the Black Sea and are only few kilometers away from Tzarevo. Tzarevo, which is an administrative center and an international medium-sized port, is situated over two small peninsulas, bordering a wonderful inlet and the peak of Papiya (502 meters high, south of the town) which shows traces of an ancient fortress is a popular attraction of the resort.

Once in Tzarevo, it is also worth spending a day or two away from the beaches, into the beautiful national park of Stradzha Mountain. The unique mountain was declared a natural park back in ‘95 and the fact that it is one of the least explored in Bulgaria explains its richness of wildlife. The mountain also has a lot of caves, especially in its western part, which could be of great interest for the speleologists, traces of ancient civilizations, such as stone figures, carved sun discs, fortress walls, Thracian sanctuaries, etc. There are also some traditional picturesque villages in Stradzha, such as Kolodovo and Bulgari, which is very popular for its “nestinarski” dances (fire dancing). Strandzha also includes two natural reserves within its borders - Tisovitsa and Silkosiya. Imposing trees of some two hundred years can be observed there. Yet another very popular attraction in the area is the village of Gradishte, where ancient Thracian mounds were discovered.

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