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Velingrad tourist info and hotels


Velingrad is another perfect place for those who want some tranquility and health cares – it is a widely-known spa and climatic resort in the southern part of Bulgaria. It is situated in the Chepin Valley which is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the Rhodope Mountains. There are around 70 mineral springs in the resort, which waters are hyperthermal with temperatures from 22 to 88°C, with low levels of minerals, silicic, flourine, sulphate-carbonate-sodium. The resort itself is situated at around 800m above the sea level. The climate around Velingrad is moderately continental, mild and fresh. The average temperature throughout the year is 10°C, and the one in the summer - 19°C.
The resort in Velingrad offers not only successful climatic and spa treatment, but also diets and fruit cures, terrain cures, aerosol therapy, criotherapy, kinesitherapy, physiotherapy and herbal treatment. The disturbances and diseases which the resort treats with success are – non-specific conditions of the respiratory tract (chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis), disturbances of the locomotory system (degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the joints, gout, periarthritis, tendinitis, bursitis), neurological disorders (neuroses, stress, neuritis, radiculitis and polyneuritis), gynecological complaints and cardiovascular diseases (hypertonia and hypotonia, early forms of atherosclerosis and Burgers disease).
The best hotels in the resort of Velingrad are Velina and Kamena, both of them with three stars.


Velingrad Spa

Velingrad is a spa resort of national importance since 1950. This climatic spa resort is a leader among the spa resorts in the country due to the variety of mineral waters in combination with favourable climate and beautiful nature.
The mineral waters in the area are part of the Chepinski water-bearing aquifer and are among the richest in their physical and chemical composition. Starting points of the mineral waters are 3 hydro-thermal zones – Chepino, Ludzhene and Kamenitsa.
The waters are useful not only for the above mentioned diseases. By drinking procedures the waters are applied for healing and prophylaxis of diseases of the urinary, digestive and metabolic-endocrine systems as well as in some cases of industrial intoxication. It is also suitable for irrigation treatment in cases of dental and gynecological diseases. Because of the fluorine content, the mineral waters are very suitable for prophylaxis of osteoporosis and tooth caries as well as for sports and common prophylaxis for strengthening of the vital tone. Particular and specific healing-prophylactic indications of the different waters are defined according to the quantity and proportion of the physical and chemical constituents in them.

Velingrad Spa

In the resort functions well-equipped policlinic with specialized consulting offices, along with several spa hospitals (Chepino, Velyova banya, Kremachna banya, Syarna banya). There is opened a summer beach with outdoor pools for adults and children. Many hospital bases also exist: special rehabilitation hospital with own spa-physio-healing facilities, departmental holiday homes and hotels, neat and well-cared houses where visitors can find comfortable accommodation. In addition in the town and its close surroundings available are drinking sources and sport-prophylactic grounds.


With its significant natural healing and prophylactic potential, valuable climatic resource, exceptional wealth of mineral waters and magnificent surroundings, the town of Velingrad id with exciting prospects for further development as national and international spa climatic resort. Spa medication can be combined with ski tourism developed in the winter resort of Yondula, as well as with ecological and rural tourism in some of the numerous attractive neighbouring Rhodope settlements.
Some of the mineral waters are suitable for bottling as natural waters, healing prophylactic remedy and production of soft drinks. In the end they can be utilized as a source of hydro-thermal energy.
Advisable is expansion of the sports-prophylactic activities by the means of increase and modernization of the spa sports and entertainment facilities. Velingrad has potential to become a pattern to imitate for development of the spa medication tourism in Bulgaria.


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