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Vladaya tourist info and hotels



Vladaya (also spelled Vladaia) is a village, near which originates the Vladaya River which passes through Sofia and joins the famous Iskar River. The village itself is located in the south-western part of Bulgaria, 11km south from Sofia, at the foot of the beautiful Vitosha Mountain. The village of Vladaya is part of the Sofia-city district, has 3 763 inhabitants and is located at 700 – 999m above the sea level.
Vladaya is part of the Bulgarian history as it was the centre of the Vladaya Uprising in the beginning of the 20th century.


An interesting attraction around is the Vladaya Monastery “St. Petka” – a small monastery on the road between Sofia and Pernik (which passes near Vladaya).
The best hotel in the area is the Club Vladaya Hotel, which has two stars and is a private one. The hotel is only 17km away from the centre of Sofia, located at the foot of the Lyulin Mountain, in a beautiful oak park. It can be reached by following the road from Sofia to Pernik.






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