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St. Vlas tourist info and hotels

St Vlas

Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas) is a village on the Bulgarian Black Sea with around 3 000 inhabitants, located 5km away from Sunny Beach and 9km away from Nessebur. The combination of the Balkan Mountain, the nearby forests, the beautiful sea and the new, modern hotels, villas and restaurants make it a great place for vacation and a healthy relaxation. St. Vlas has three beaches with a total length of 1,5km – a small, camping one, a central, longest beach and a beach near the yacht port Marina. At the port one can hire or buy yachts and even get help from a professional team of consultants. As Sveti Vlas is relatively small resort despite its attractiveness, it is very calm and quiet. That is why it is preferred by people who want to escape from the crowds or families with children. And if you want to relax on the tranquil beach of the village but experience wild nights, you can visit the many night places in Sunny Beach which is only 5km away.


The area of Sveti Vlas was first inhabited in the 2nd century B.C. by the Thracian tribe Larisi who called their village Larisa. The place was renamed to St. Vlas in the 14th century in honour of the patron of farmers and merchants. During the Ottoman slavery, the town was called Manastir (it has 5 monasteries nearby) and it regained its name Sveti Vlas after the Bulgarian Reunification in 1886.

If you want to reach Sveti Vlas, you can do it by taking some of the regular buses, minibuses or taxis from Nessebur, Sunny Beach or Bourgas. You can also use water transport from these resorts. There is also an international airport in Burgas which is only 20-30min away from St. Vlas by car.

St Vlas Bulgaria


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