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Varna Bulgaria

Varna is located at the end of the Varna Bay and is such an important town that some people call it the Sea Capital of Bulgaria. The water area of the place is well-preserved and the town still bears the traces of many cultures - ancient, medieval, renaissance and modern. Varna is at the same elevation as some other famous resorts in the Atlantic (Bayonne and Biarritz) and is built on a high, flat terrace of the bay, which curves 7km inland. Varna is perfect for holidays – it offers up to 10-11 hours of sunbathing a day from June to August and there is not cold wind, nor unbearable heat. What is more, the sea is calm, beautiful and without dangerous tides.

Varna is also a cultural centre in Bulgaria, competing with Sofia and Plovdiv. It offers a great deal of cultural events, museums and galleries. The resort, though sometimes crowded, is pretty close to some calmer ones, which also offer tourist attractions - the nature reserve of Kamchiya, the royal palace of Balchik and the hillside monastery of Aladzha.

Varna Catherdral Bulgaria

Furthermore, Varna is suitable for visits not only in the summer - it has many balneotherapy facilities, which make it a desirable place throughout the whole year.

Varna Spa, thermal mineral waters in St Konstantin & Elena and Riviera resorts

Varna coastal zone is differentiated as specific healing-prophylactic region with extenzive utilization of the natural factors here - climate, mineral waters, seawater and healing mud. Varna is a climatic maritime resort of national importance since 1950,it's the biggest Bulgarian Black Sea resort and the 3rd largest city in the country. The mineral waters in and around Varna have low mineralization, high debit and differentiated temperatures. In addition to the thermal water, another important healing-prophylactic factor is the mud from Varna firth lake, which physical and chemical composition is similar to that in Tuzlata and Pomorie. In Varna can take place medical and prophylactic threatments to a number of different diseases due to the fact there are many natural factors - sea barhs, solar threatment, mud, sand and spa threatment. There are numerous spa facilities in Varna - resort policlinic, spa hospital, many swimming pools, as well as spas in the hotels.

Also of interest are the climatic sea resorts of national importance since 1950 - St Konstantin and Elena (located on 9 kilometers from Varna center) and the Riviera resort, near Zlatni Pyasatsi (Golden Sands).

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