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Balchik is a small town situated on the northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast and is approximately 30 km away from the city of Varna. It has ~15 000 inhabitants and is an important harbour used both for commercial and passenger vessels.


The area was initially inhabited in around fifth century B.C. and was once known under the names Kmuni and Krounoi, because of the many karst springs found here. Later, it was known as Dionisopolis (the Greek god of wine). The town used to be very important settlement for a long time. In the 13 - 14th century, when became a fortification it was known as Dzhina Bair. After the Balkan War (1913), Balchik ended up as a town of Romania and the Romanian Queen Maria erected a summer palace, a beautiful botanical garden, a chapel and a villa honoring the beauty of the area. Balchik turned into a popular resort in the 40's when it was again declared a Bulgarian town.

Balchik Bulgaria

Balchik Spa

Balchik is a climatic maritime resort of national importance since 1957.
It is located 12 kilometers northeast of the resort complex Albena. It was founded as an ancient port by Hellenic colonists 2 400 years ago.

Healing and prophylactic factors
Like the rest of the sea resorts, Balchik offers a wide range of natural healing-prophylactic factors. The mineral water there is one of them. It is supplied to the surface by drilling operations and is characterized as slightly mineralized, hypo-thermal, with alkaline reaction and big flow capacity. It contains hydrogen sulfide, calcium, magnesium and radon.
The mineral water is with wide medical-prophylactic characteristics, applied to diseases of: kidney-urological, digestive and metabolic-endocrine systems and some professional illnesses. For external spa treatment it can be utilized mostly in cases of initial forms of hypertonia and functional nervous breakdowns, as well as in cases of menopause. Respiratory diseases are one of the main directions of the curative prophylactic procedures in the resort. Sports and common prophylaxis can also be done.

In the resort of Balchik and its surroundings, tourists can stay in hotels, private lodgings, villas or camping sites. Spa prophylaxis and spa healing activities are scantily carried out in the existing open-air swimming pools. Organized and profiled spa medication is missing. Visitors of Balchik can utilize the mud healing facilities of the neighbouring resort called Balchishka tuzla.
The flow capacity and the qualities of the mineral water make possible future development mostly of sports-prophylactic facilities for strengthening of the health. The water is suitable for bottling as natural-water and manufacturing of soft drinks. Very prospective is its combined utilization with the curative mud in the resort Balchishka tuzla.

Balchishka Tuzla Spa resort

The resort lies 4 kilometers east of the town of Balchik. The settlement is known as mud healing resort with mineral water spring.

Healing and prophylactic resources
In the resort is available mineral water with high flow capacity, hypo-thermal, with alkaline reaction and slightly mineralized. It is characterized as calcium-magnesium, containing hydrogen sulfide and meta-silicon acid.
The curative mud that is obtained from two firth lakes is with very good physical and chemical qualities.
On the basis of the natural resources and predominantly on the firth mud, the resort is specialized for medication of diseases of the locomotory system, peripheral nervous system and spinal column, reproductive system and skin. The water is perfect for external application in cases of cardiovascular and functional nervous diseases. Drinking is efficient for diseases of urinary, digestive and metabolic-endocrine systems. Applied by inhalation procedures and in combination with the sea-climatic factors the water has salutary effect upon respiratory illnesses. With its high flow capacity and specific physical and chemical characteristics it can be brought to sports-prophylactic facilities for recreation and strengthening of the human body.

In the resort there is mud and spa medical hospital, where mud healing procedures are carried out in special mineral tubs. There is a functioning open-air mud-healing ward, where combined helio-firth-therapy is put to practice (so called Egyptian method). The specialized children sanatorium is with long years of experience mostly in the medication of the locomotory system diseases. In the resort are opened holiday inns and hotels with their own spa facilities. It is also possible for visitors to stay in hotels and private lodgings in the town of Balchik.
The resort of Balchishka tuzla is with great prospects for further development as a spa medication resort, based on the curative firth mud and mineral water combined with the sea healing resources.

Balchik Botanical Garden

Balchik Botanical Garden


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