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Bulgaria Upcoming Festivals, Events and Tourist Attractions 2019

Bansko - World Ski Destination

Winter season: until April 2019

The resort is exceptional and unique for skiing and snowboarding. Ski and spa packages are a pleasant surprise. They will start in 2021. The World Cup Men Ski Championships and the Young Talent Championship on the Planet. We will also add the alpine ski competitions for men and women in 2019 and 2020. These events in the near future make Bansko up-to-date and preferred world ski center.

Ski trails under the peak Todorka (2746 m above sea level) in Pirin are 75 km long and are suitable for advanced and beginner skiers and snowboarders. The top ski lifts and ski lifts reach the highest plateau - the Plateau. Here you will ski up to May. Skiers prefer the area of Echmitta because of the extreme descent , with a lot of adrenaline. The brisk slope with the several chutes is avalanche dangerous. Preliminary information about the terrain and the weather are obligatory. For children there is a ski training, special tugs, facilities Half pipe, Funk park. For details, see: https : // www . banskoski . com The many hotels nearby are distinguished by their exceptional hospitality. For reference: https://www.bulgaria-trips.info/hotels.html


Borovets - 25 runs of different difficulty, 12 lifts and in the light. The winter season is until April 2019.


Winter season: until April 2019

In March, there will be a meeting of over 1000 instructors from all over the world on skiing and snowboarding. The World Organization has chosen the Bulgarian resort for its Forum Interski Congress 2019. In it the coaches discussed the so-methodologies and techniques on training . The ski area has an excellent assessment of the conditions it offers. An exciting sporting experience has been guaranteed in the heart of the Rhodopes.

20 years - "Kukerlandia" - city Yambol

28 February - 03 March 2019

Large-scale, spectacular event that annually brings to life ancient Trad tion - mummery .Each year, Chez correlation is unpredictable and full of iznenadi.Fotografskata -konkurs exhibition is part of the tradition. Mummers believe in the power of Masquerade Games that will drive away the evil will cleanse the earth and awaken to new zhivot.Tezhki bells, scary masks, three meters high, thousands of bells, bells, drums, swords, sticks them hurl in Dunn earth and fire - villains, illnesses and bad omens, and they make way for the good forces to be set up before the Sirni Zagovesi . The loud procession overflows with a parade, games, people, exciting with its ancient spells and blessings. Spring calls and chants are for health, good luck and good year. The feast loads with emotions, strength and joy. If you want to participate, see details at: https://www.tourism-yambol.com

Sofia International Book Fair 2019

The Book's Return - ( 02nd April - 23th April 2019)

Publishing the Knight of the Year Award - ( 23th April 2019)

Biennial Bazaar of the Book, Sofia International Literary Festival for Children and Young People - ( 28th May - 02nd June 2019)

The Book of Alley Plovdiv - International Literary Festival for Children and Young People - ( 10th - 16th June 2019)

Alley of the book city of Varna - ( 02nd - 11th August 2019)

Alley of the book city of Sofia - ( 10th - 15th September 2019)

International Book Fair Frankfurt - ( 16th - 20th Octomber 2019)

Sofia International Book Fair, Sofia International Festal - ( 10th - 15th December 2019)

Godshnite Presentation of awards for publishing the "Golden Lion" - ( 13th December 2019)

The Bulgarian Book Association carries out its annual International Book Fair at The National Palace of Culture in Sofia - the largest multifunctional complex in Southeastern Europe, where more than hundred publishing houses from both Bulgaria and around the globe, gather to present the latest books and authors. Usualy, there are publishers from Great Britan,France, Germany,Greece,Macedonia,Russia,China,USA,etc. The Sofia International Book Fair has been held every year since `68 and nowadays it attracts thousands visitors from Bulgaria as well from across the world. Check out our hotels in Sofia for excellent accommodation during the fair at & https://www.bulgaria-trips.info/Sofia/sofia.html


Mysticism in Trigrad, Bulgaria

Trigrad Bulgaria Rhodopes
Bulgarian historical sights & cultural tourism

Tourism in Bulgaria

The Nestinar Games - Mistery in the village of Bulgari - (03rd - 04th June 2019)

As it has been for years, in this year too, the Thracian fire-walking rituals passed down from generation to generation, are going to stun the spectators with its mysterious shamanic techniques. Setting their pace in rhythm with the drum's beats and enigmatic bagpipes the firewalkers, locally called nestinari, will fall into a deep trance and will invoke holy spirits of higher dimensions. Only the purest souls are gifted with the ability to get in contact with particular spiritual patrons and to have epiphanies while dancing. Carrying the icons of St. Constantine and St.Helen, and walking barefoot over the glowing-red coals, those mystical dancers will utter enchantments, spells and prayers calling for prosperity, health and fertility. It's an event that is not to be missed. It takes place on Saint Constantine and Saint Helen's day in the village of Balgari, Burgas province.

If you are a fan of the mountain landscape, the authentic Bulgarian cuisine, you can stay in the cozy guest houses of the Strandzha Mountain for longer.

Nestinari from Bulgari, Burgas province

Bulgarian historical sights & cultural tourism

It is a wonderful spring destination Perperikon - the largest megalith sanctuary in the Balkans

It is in the Rhodope Mountains, near the town of Kardjali, to the right of the golden river Perperischka. The rock is also called the peak of the gods, where the sacrifices were made in the ancient times.Perperek is the Thracian name of the Prophet's sanctuary, which is more than 8000 years old oracle of ancient Greek god Dion iS .Druga legend explains that the priestly ritual of wine and fire are two important prophecies foretold the history of the world who have come true: the great conquests of Alexander of Macedonia and the power and authority of the Roman Emperor Ga Julius Caesar.

The stone city is about 10 sq. Km. There is a fortress, a temple, a throne room, a palace of the Thracian kings and the crypt where the priests and rulers are buried. In one of the crypts, 15 sarcophagi have been found, which have been robbed before. the first European civilization - the Cretan-Mycenaean. In this sacred City opened the first European Linear A script .To at the sanctuary, you will need about 2 chasa. Refer to website: https://www.perperikon.bg

Nearby are the natural phenomena: the Stone Wedding, Stone Mushrooms, the ancient gold mines, the Utrota cave and the Sanctuary of Orpheus, which are worth seeing.

The impressive Orpheus Sanctuary is near the village of Tatul. The Thracian tribe of Bessi traveled the distance between the two cult places along the Arda River. According to some hypotheses , 3500 years ago the musician, priest and sorcerer Orpheus lived here. After he died, torn by raging women -vakhanki, his mother buried in complex rock ultoviya center and predicts: "you son will not enter the land will be anthropodemon and priest of Dionysus after his death.

On June 15 each year thousands of people gather near the village of Tatul to become part of the music festival "Night of Orpheus", there are rock concerts, ballet, fire-dancing, wine tasting, fireworks.

The last week of June is the International Art Festival Perperikon - 2019. The program includes concerts, exhibitions, theater, presentation of books , dance show, art-performance .

Orphic Mysteries in Trigrad - 27-28 July 2019

The followers of Orpheus here believe in the immortality of the soul and in the reincarnation. In the hills nearby, from the blood of Orpheus every summer blooms the orphan flower "silvarak", which revives after 30 months of dry stay.

Perperikon - tourist destination



Gotse Delchev, Pirin Mountain

Gotse Delchev


Railway tourism to magical mountain locations - why not?

In spring weekends and Easter holidays voeobrazna mountain attraction in Bulgaria is traveling by narrow-gauge railway Septemvri- Dobrinishte.Tya passes through the Thracian Valley, Rhodope, Rila and Pirin.Trudniyat mountainous terrain, Wed ed picturesque scenery passes for 5 chasa.Nay higher station on the Balkans is -Auramovo -1267m.v. In Dobrinishte you will find a shelter in a hotel or guest house, all the seasons, here is healthy and interesting. Ski complex with hotel, two chalets, drag and lift are not to be ignored. prefer the town as a spa destination because of the modern spa complex . At the end of the town, along the river Dobrinishka are the Roman baths, with mineral water, which treats more than 20 diseases. Close to the complex is the Ribarnika.In the three lakes you will catch Balkan trout or you will eat fresh prepared by an experienced cook. And there are many mountain paths that reach Popovo Lake, Kremenki lakes, Samodivtsi in ruh. There are chalets Gotse Delchev and Bez god . Dobrinishte is the only private garden in Edelweiss in Bulgaria. You can buy a live or herbarium color.

In fact, the narrow-gauge railroad also takes you to the magical village of Ognyanovo - with 2 4 thermal springs , which treat hundreds of people .

Saint Dimitri's Day 2019

(26th October 2019, Bulgaria)

Saint Dimitri's Day, from the Bulgarian folk calendar celebrates the beginning of winter season - Saint Dimitri is the patron of winter and snow. The event is popular throughout the entire country and according to a belief, at midnight as the day begins, the sky will open and the first snowfall will start.
This is also the last day of a traditional space of time (from Saint George's day to St Dimitri's Day) for seasonal workers, such as shepherds, farmers and others; and is also popular as "Razpous" (Dismissal).
Of course, no Bulgarian folk fest would be complete without some culinary obligations, so if you are about to celebrate the winter in a traditional way, your table will be folding under the weight of popular Bulgarian delights.

Bulgaria Hotels

There are various types of hotels in Bulgaria including luxury beach/spa/ski hotels, inns, guest houses, chalets, many of the world-wide known hotel chains, etc...
Bulgaria hotels range from 1 star to 5 star, but the majority of them and those most visited are 3 and 4 stars. Every hotel room is equipped with the general amenities including television, AM/FM radio, telephone, iron and ironing board, and etc. Some hotels offer free Wireless internet in the room while others charge a fee. The hotel can also have recreational facilities such as ping pong, biking, swimming pool and playground. The hotel apartment is a serviced apartment. Instead of renting a room, travelers rent the whole apartment.
Bulgaria spa hotels offer all the basic room facilities just like the standard hotels. However, the spa hotels have a spa treatment facility that keeps you rejuvenated from the daily stress. Examples of spa treatment offered at the spa facilities include thalasso therapy, massages, mineral baths, sauna, paraffin therapy and etc.
Bulgaria inns are smaller than the high rise building hotel. It contains lesser facilities than the hotel. It is usually cheaper because of the lack of facility. If you are a budget traveler, you can stay at the inns.
Bulgaria ski resorts are hotels that are located nearby to skiing locations. All Bulgarian ski resorts have rental centers where you can rent ski equipments such as skiing suits, ski and snowboards.

Browse over 5000 hotels in Bulgaria by city/resort name here.

Bulgarian Ski Resorts Snow Levels And Skiing Conditions Reports. Bulgaria Ski Holidays Winter Season 2019 - 2020

Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo, Chepelare and Vitosha Mountain above the capital city of Sofia are all opened for the season. We will continue with regular news and reports on the skiing conditions of the Bulgarian ski destinations with winter season 2019 / 2020.
Looking for quality hotel accommodation at best price in the Bulgarian winter resorts? Check out our great options for accommodation of hotels in Borovets, hotels in Pamporovo, hotels in Chepelare and hotels in Bansko. Book your hotel in advance in order to get the best pricing (guaranteed by our partners) and availability!



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